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              Comparing epoxy resin sealant with organic silica gel, which

              作者:點膠機廠家   日期:2018-12-18 19:00   瀏覽:

              Epoxy resin sealant and organic silica gel are quite different, can be compared, just need to see which kind of machine to use, epoxy resin sealant is a relatively simple glue, using general dispensing equipment can also complete the dispensing task, and organic silica gel needs to use a special dispensing valve, if according to the two glue configuration conditions, both kinds of glue are not. It often works well.
              Use of epoxy resin sealant
              Epoxy resin filling sealant can use ordinary dispensing valves, such as: compound dispensing valves, plunger dispensing valves, coating valves, precision dispensing valves, American dispensing syringes can be used, the use requirements are mainly based on industry needs, belong to the better use of glue, and for dispensing machine there is no requirement, you can use desktop glue dispensing machine or automatic dispensing machine, can also complete dispensing. The epoxy resin pouring sealant is better used for glue task.
              Use of organosilicon gel
              Although organic silica gel can be dispensed by automatic dispensing machine, it needs to be equipped with silica gel dispensing valve, without corresponding dispensing valve, otherwise it is difficult to carry out dispensing work. This kind of glue has higher requirements for dispensing valve, and can not use American dispensing syringe or precise dispensing valve. This is the disadvantage of organic silica gel. Selecting dispensing valve has been fixed, then production. It's simpler.
              Requirements for two uses
              ab膠 Two types of glue can be used for mobile phone dispensing, you need to choose dispensing machine and dispensing accessories, epoxy resin filling glue and organic silica gel can use automatic dispensing machine or desktop glue dispensing machine, and then they can be configured according to the requirements of the corresponding dispensing accessories, you can complete dispensing work, can not say which glue is easy to use, to say simple, the use of two glues is also very simple. As long as the accessories are made according to the requirements, if you have any requirements in this regard, you can call the hotline 13928403389. We can configure suitable desktop glue dispenser and automatic dispenser for you.

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