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                      Customized high speed dispensing machine, glue machine!


                      Dongguan CNAUTO Automation Co., LTD.



                      Bearing lubrication point oil c


                      Bearing lubrication and oil dispensing is not a difficult thing, mainly to meet the bearing circular dispensing and prevent oil leakage, basically to meet the requirements of the point bearing, we recommend a dispensing machine that meets the production n.

                      Visual gluing function can be u


                      Visual glue dispensing is a function of 3000 glue dispensing machine. There are many products that need glue dispensing in electronic industry, such as electronic board, electronic chip and so on. The equipment with visual function is more practical for e.

                      Temporary dispensing glue stora


                      There are two kinds of glue storage, one is long-term storage, the other is short-term storage, long-term storage will have glue manufacturers to teach you how to use storage, and short-term storage should be done? For example: Visual spray dispensing mac.


                      Dual-liquid dispensing valves are widely used in the glue filling industry, which is more in line with the requirements of glue output. Because the dispensing accuracy of dual-liquid dispensing valves is not high, but the glue output is relatively large. .


                      Hot melt glue dispensing valve is a valve specially used hot melt glue. A heating device is installed on the ordinary dispensing valve, which can heat the hot melt glue at about Baidu. Hot melt glue only has the function of bonding at more than 100 degree.


                      Electric stirring dispensing valve last night special dispensing accessories for automatic double-liquid dispensing machine, using two kinds of glue mixed dispensing, very convenient to use with explosion-proof electric box, but also to meet the requireme.



                      Do you know anything about hairpin drops? Does the ordinary type of high-speed dispensing machine meet the requirements of gum dropping? We also have a lot of experience in this area. We have more than once helped customers to make the machines needed for.



                      Donggguan business automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R & D and production and dispensing dispensing machine parts manufacturing company, adhering to the construction of industrial 4 concept, the positive development of the automation industry, electronic manufacturing industry and solve the complex and precise dispensing process, through the unique design and development of the mechanical industry for all types of dispensing products. Manufacturing experience dispensing machine production in Shenzhen Business Automation Machinery Co Ltd has many years, and has completely independent intellectual property rights and development capability of dispensing products, in 2017 the formal establishment of Automation Machinery Co. Ltd. Shenzhen system, the same year the odd combination of electronic commerce network information limited company set up operations in the "world factory" said in Dongguan, business automation always stand on "person, gains and losses; learn from history, one can kno


                      中制自動化設備有限公司全力為用戶打造各種實用性強的高速全自動點膠機 大型高速點膠機 落地式高速點膠機