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              Customized high speed dispensing machine, glue machine!


              Dongguan CNAUTO Automation Co., LTD.


              Intelligent automatic high-speed large horn glue beater

              作者:點膠機廠家   日期:2018-12-13 17:24   瀏覽:

              Large speaker glue beater is a machine manufactured for audio industry in China. It uses aluminium alloy shell, which has excellent compression resistance and can prevent glue corrosion. A worktable is equipped on aluminium alloy to fix the speaker, and then it is used for large speaker glue beater to dispense glue, and then the dispensing task can be completed. Large dispensing machine can meet various types of horn dispensing oh.
              大型喇叭打膠機 [da Xing La Ba Da Jiao ji]
              Large trumpet beater
              Product parameters of large trumpet beater
              Model: z3647
              Material: Aluminum alloy material
              Working temperature: 0-40 degrees
              打膠機 Repeated dispensing accuracy: +2%
              Dispensing accuracy: 0.02mm/sec
              Specification: 1400*450*600 (mm)
              Operation mode: automatic/manual
              Mechanical Shaft: 3 Shafts
              Control Mode: Constant Control System
              Editing mode: teaching box
              Characteristics of Large Horn Glue-beater
              1. It is composed of dispensing valves, mechanical shafts, controllers, solenoid valves, motion systems, guideways, synchronous belts, circuit boards and so on. It can design dispensing procedures to meet your dispensing requirements.
              2. It can fulfill the demand of dispensing for large horn, small horn and customized horn. It can automatically adjust the size of dispensing and install different types of rubber valves. It can realize dispensing requirements of different accuracy.
              3. It can draw all kinds of patterns, complete dispensing functions of points, lines, arcs, circles, irregular lines or realize three-axis linkage. Each pattern is basically composed of various types of lines, and large dispensing machines can design dispensing procedures according to linear requirements to meet the needs of industry production.
              4. Quantity of dispensing, dispensing time, dispensing distance, stop time and dispensing parameters can be designed according to their own requirements. Large loudspeaker beater can store more than 1,000 procedures, dispensing procedures for basic industry needs can be stored. If this type of procedures are needed, dispensing can be used directly.

              中制自動化設備有限公司全力為用戶打造各種實用性強的高速全自動點膠機 大型高速點膠機 落地式高速點膠機