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                      Mobile phone screen dispensing function performs high precis

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                      Mobile screen dispensing machine belongs to one of the equipment in the field of precision dispensing machine. It is mainly used in mobile phone or electronic industry dispensing. In the dispensing accuracy, there are many precise dispensing accessories in the production, which can realize ultra-high precision dispensing technology. So it can be applied to touch screen dispensing of mobile phone and TP bonding of mobile phone. It is the dispensing machine made in China.
                      Application of mobile phone screen dispensing
                      Touch screen is the most important part of mobile phones. Touch screen production, however, directly affects the user's feel and mood, and also affects his desire to buy second time. There are many types of mobile phone brands in the market, but few can compare with Huawei. This is a technical difference, such as Huawei's use of vision. Type of mobile screen dispensing machine, and you use semi-intelligent dispensing machine, the production of products, regardless of accuracy, and the quality is far behind other how to compete with others.
                      手機屏幕點膠 Technical parameters of mobile phone screen dispenser
                      1, adopt visual inspection control system and gel constant control system to ensure dispensing accuracy and gel stability.
                      2, motor: servo motor + stepper motor
                      3. Guide rail: synchronous belt and upper silver guide rail to realize constant control.
                      4, transmission: ball screw
                      5, speed: maximum speed up to 700mm/s, minimum speed controllable 1mm/s
                      6, repeat dispensing accuracy: + 0.02%
                      7, size: 700mm*750mm*1430mm, large visual dispensing machine, dispensing platform can put multiple products.
                      8, operation mode: automatic / manual.
                      9, maximum withstand temperature: 40 degrees.
                      10, dispensing function: linear, point to point, arc, round, glue and so on.
                      Mobile phone touch screen dispensing
                      Several dispensing modes are often used in mobile touch screen dispensing, but the use of mobile screen dispensing machine can meet the requirements. Simple version of PLC system can design all the procedures that meet the requirements of mobile touch screen dispensing, while dispensing machine can still be realized. The above are only the most common dispensing modes, the performance of large dispensing machine. It can be more than low, especially in mobile TP.

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