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                      Customized high speed dispensing machine, glue machine!


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                      When it comes to desktop hot-melt dispenser, we have to say that the 30cc hot-melt dispenser valve is used. Why is it called 30cc hot-melt dispenser valve? It mainly depends on the storage capacity. It can store 30ml hot-melt glue water. For manufacturer-.

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                      We believe that you have a corresponding understanding of paste, a fluid with high viscosity and poor fluidity. Because of the high market heat and demand of the non-contact glue delivery mode, the paste spray valve is driven by the needs of this part of .

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                      Now the high-speed dispenser we use is mainly a pneumatic dispenser. As long as the air source is connected, it can drive the glue to extrude the glue. PP dispensing needle made of polypropylene is used in a special production. The needle made of this mat.

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                      The effect of the glue valve of the glue sprayer is to regulate the output of the liquid. The glue valve is the core of a glue sprayer to carry out the glue spraying task smoothly, just like the valve of the big reservoir, which is used to control the wat.

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                      The selection of AB glue two-component glue will definitely select the two-component glue valve. If the glue valve leaks, how to replace the sealing ring of the glue valve? In general, the leakage of rubber valve is that the sealing ring is corroded, resu.

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                      The vision system of the machine can visualize all the data of things, so it is more convenient to have a visual recognition dispensing system for diversified follow-up work, but only two-dimensional images of things can be obtained by a single camera. Al.

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                      The sensor of the visual dispensing system can directly reflect the external information of the object, but a single camera can only obtain the two-dimensional image of the object. Although the three-dimensional vision can provide the three-dimensional in.

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                      In real life, there are various fields, and dispensing serves as a kind of universal technology, which is almost included in various fields, such as electronic industry, automobile, clothing shoes, decorations, integrated circuit, semiconductor packaging,.

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                      The intelligent system of precise vision, high-speed chip placement integrates dispensing and chip placement. Its specific function: through the visual aid system, it can distinguish, locate, dispensing, sort and paste multiple angles and types of workpie.

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                      First of all, we should carefully study the dispensing machine. For the operation environment of the dispensing machine, it must be a quiet place from the environment, and there must be no vibration. If the vibration is too large to interfere with the acc.

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                      With the development of dispensing industry, the dispensing mode has increased relatively, and the accessories used for all aspects of gluing have become more and more abundant. As one of the core accessories of dispensing machine, dispensing syringe has .

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                      Automatic dispensing machines are increasingly being used in different industries. The dispensing process of product dispensing is basically inseparable from the dispensing and bonding process of automatic dispensing machines, especially those that do not.

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                      Teflon needle instructions for dispensing machine: ____________ 1. Non-sticking: Almost all substances do not adhere to Teflon needles, and even very thin films show good non-sticking properties. Soft Teflon Needle 2. Thermal resistance: This needle coati.

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                      Manual dispensing machine is a kind of packaging equipment named according to its automation degree. Its main characteristics are flexible packaging, low distribution cost and poor packaging accuracy. This is related to the components of manual dispensing.

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                      When dispensing, it is necessary to adjust the dispensing amount with a rubber needle. The needle used to control the instantaneous dispensing amount is the instantaneous rubber needle. We should also pay attention to these problems when dispensing at hig.

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                      The device used for automatic filling and controlling glue flow is called dispensing valve. The 3131 dispensing valve is recommended by the industry. It can effectively stabilize the glue collection and pipe mixing. Good sealing effect is the voucher used.

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                      There are many applications in hot melt glue coating industry. Most of the glue valves matched by the standard high speed dispenser are not suitable for hot melt glue sealing. It is necessary to carry hot melt glue valves to better control the hot melt gl.

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