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                      Plastic dispensing needles combined with aluminum alloy

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                      All-aluminium needle is made of plastic and aluminium alloy, which can ensure the glue process and low price. Aluminum alloy production is very expensive, which will lead to the failure of products to reach daily sales. The method of making all-aluminium needle reduces the use rate of aluminium, adopts plastic production with better control, and controls precision. A good result will be achieved in terms of degree.
                      The price is more favorable, the quality has not changed.
                      Price has always been the core assessment criteria for selecting a product. If price requirements are met, sales will definitely increase. When plastics are added, the part without aluminium will be replaced by plastics, which can ensure the quality of glue and the accuracy of dispensing, but only in terms of price. This is the all aluminum pin.
                      Dispensing needle type
                      點膠針頭 All-aluminium needle is a medium-sized hot-selling product. It can use hot-melt adhesive or red glue. It has high-temperature-resistant quality. It also has very good control over dispensing flow. There are various types and models, such as 14g to 34g, which are basically produced. Specific dispensing needles need to be customized and customized. No less than 1000, because the price is low, so the price of the mold will be expensive.
                      Technology for making dispensing needles
                      不銹鋼針頭 There are many processes needed in the production of all-aluminium needle. First, we need to make aluminium needle, then combine it with plastic. Then according to the demand of the product, this is the all-aluminium needle. We can rest assured in quality. We have the core technology in the production of needle, using imported technology from abroad. Each needle is carefully manufactured, in order to achieve the industry for all-aluminium needle properties, can meet the quality of more products.

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