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                      Hot Melt Spotting Valve Specially Configured for Hot Melt Ad

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                      Hot melt glue dispensing valve is a valve specially used hot melt glue. A heating device is installed on the ordinary dispensing valve, which can heat the hot melt glue at about Baidu. Hot melt glue only has the function of bonding at more than 100 degrees. Because of the good glue characteristics, many manufacturers need to use hot melt glue as a dispensing valve for dispensing, such as mobile phone dispensing valve.
                      Requirements for dispensing of mobile phones
                      手機點膠 Mobile phone dispensing machine can use two kinds of dispensing machine, duplex hot melt dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine. The former is four-axis dispensing machine, while the full-automatic dispensing machine is three-axis dispensing machine. Four-axis dispensing machine is comparatively advantageous. It can reduce the replacement of products by using dispensing time, while the automatic dispensing machine needs to wait for the completion of mobile phone dispensing. The difference between the four axes and the three axes is the replacement.
                      Dual-station hot melt dispenser
                      Dual-station hot-melt dispensing machine X, Y, Z axis moving range is relatively large, generally more than 331 machines, wide range of activities, can use a variety of performance dispensing equipment, why many manufacturers need to use dual-station hot-melt dispensing machine is the reason, according to the requirements of mobile phone dispensing, we produce this dual-station hot-melt dispensing machine with full-automatic function for you. Whether the dispensing effect or the production efficiency will have an effective quality improvement, this is our manual dispensing machine.
                      Visual dispenser
                      手機屏點膠 Mobile phone dispensing is not a casual machine can meet the production, and now we have also produced a visual dispensing machine, which can also meet the requirements of mobile phone dispensing, but also equipped with hot melt dispensing valve, but this price is relatively expensive, because here the machine is a real automatic dispensing machine, no longer need manual dispensing, can complete mobile phone dispensing, and hot melt dispensing. The constant temperature control of the valve is also very good. It belongs to the evolutionary version of the dual-position hot melt dispenser.
                      熱熔膠點膠閥 Hot melt dispensing valves, duplex hot melt dispensing machines and automatic dispensing machines can be purchased in the intermediate system. We are a manufacturer of special dispensing equipment. If you need this method, you can call the hotline 139 2840 3389.

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