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                      Temporary dispensing glue storage is related to high-speed d

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                      There are two kinds of glue storage, one is long-term storage, the other is short-term storage, long-term storage will have glue manufacturers to teach you how to use storage, and short-term storage should be done? For example: Visual spray dispensing machine needs to store the amount of glue in hair accessories for one day. It can not add glue in the middle or anything will affect the efficiency of visual dispensing machine.
                      視覺點膠機 Installation of dispensing pressure barrel fittings
                      Generally, a large amount of glue is used as storage container by dispensing pressure barrel. There are various types of accessories installed in dispensing pressure barrel, such as safety valve, relief valve, sealing ring and so on. These all affect glue storage. If you can't install or there are gaps, it will affect the quality of glue and glue production. A glimpse of glue will have a great response to the external impact, directly. Affecting the quality of glue, glue storage can not occur such errors.
                      Sensitivity of glue to air pressure
                      視覺噴射式點膠機 Not only is glue sensitive to air pressure, but also visual dispenser. The main air pressure control of visual spray dispenser is in place. A little air pressure will directly affect the quality of spray. Visual spray dispenser mainly controls the amount of glue according to the air pressure. It is a set air pressure, but because the relief valve is not installed properly, it causes air. Pressure insufficient, will affect the effect of hair accessories paint, so the use of dispensing pressure barrel must be how to meet the requirements of dispensing.
                      Factors of glue itself
                      點膠壓力桶 Speaking of glue storage, besides the influence of pressure relief valve in dispensing pressure barrel of visual dispensing machine, there are many other factors that will affect the quality of glue, that is, the glue itself, what characteristics will affect the quality, such as the glue used in hair decoration paint dispensing, will affect the length of storage precipitation, so it is necessary to use dispensing pressure barrel with electric stirring, often. Only mixing can prevent deterioration.
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