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                      Adhesive Coating Scheme for Zhongcheng Distribution Cabinet

                      作者:點膠機廠家   日期:2018-12-26 20:02   瀏覽:

                      Guide: Explosion-proof electric box is used in many circuit construction, such as distribution box and signal transfer point. How can explosion-proof electric box play a very good role? In fact, coating explosion-proof electric box can play a certain role, because explosion-proof electric box can be sealed, so the power of blasting can be reduced.
                      Silica gel is elastic and more sealable
                      全自動灌膠機 Fully automatic double-liquid glue filling machine is the equipment we developed to coat explosion-proof electric box. Because the glue used in explosion-proof electric box is double-liquid silica gel, and the consistency of glue is high, we need to use electric stirring dispensing valve to meet the needs of explosion-proof electric box glue coating. After silica gel coating, there will be a certain degree of elasticity, more sealant effect, in the market there are many use of silica gel as a special glue.
                      Introduce a desktop dispenser
                      灌膠機 The specifications of explosion-proof cabinet vary. Let me introduce a medium-sized dispensing machine, which is called Desktop dispensing machine or 331 dispensing machine in the market. It can point 300 mm explosion-proof cabinet. If it is bigger, it needs to use 441, 551 or 661 machines. According to the size of explosion-proof cabinet and distribution cabinet you produce, we can set up and refit machines according to your requirements to make them conform. It meets your production needs.
                      Why use electric dispensing valve
                      The specifications of fully automatic double-liquid glue filling machine have met the production requirements, so the glue fittings used also need to meet the requirements of explosion-proof electric box glue coating to meet the final production requirements. This time, the silica gel demand fittings catalyst, commonly known as a B glue, needs to be used in two rubber buckets, and then put into a glue and B glue respectively. Through the design of fully automatic double-liquid glue filling machine, A and B glue can be put into a and B glue respectively. The function of the electric stirring dispensing valve is to mix the two evenly, and then coat the accessories cabinet and explosion-proof electric box.
                      桌面點膠機 If you have the need for gluing of distribution cabinet and explosion-proof electric box or the need for automatic double-liquid gluing machine and desktop dispensing machine, you can call our telephone service hotline 139 2840 3389.

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