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              Visual gluing function can be used to improve the quality an

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              Visual glue dispensing is a function of 3000 glue dispensing machine. There are many products that need glue dispensing in electronic industry, such as electronic board, electronic chip and so on. The equipment with visual function is more practical for electronic product parts, so the value and efficiency of visual function can be seen from the production line.
              Coating of Waterproof Electronic Parts
              Supporting a variety of electronic coating production
              防水電子零件涂膠 With visual function to improve quality, take the process of waterproof electronic coating as an example, the waterproof function of electronic products needs waterproof glue to work. Because the structure of parts is small, the precision is high, and the demand for glue is large, the general glue-coating mode is unable to produce waterproof electronic products completely, while the 3000 dispenser can set parameters freely, and the visual function of CCD is finished with the product. Array dispensing provides accuracy and quality, and ensures consistency of repetition accuracy, avoiding bad gluing and affecting the yield of electronic products.
              Characteristics of 3000 dispenser
              落地式3000點膠機 In addition to the visualization function to improve the accuracy and efficiency, the characteristics of 3000 dispensing machine can also improve the gluing of electronic parts. Large-scale floor structure can accommodate multiple electronic parts at the same time. Automatic gluing point calibration has a decisive effect on the stability of production. Uninterruptible power supply can ensure the stability of long-term high-speed gluing. The finished products of waterproof electronic gluing are better and more efficient. Other industries produce glue links with luminous heating.
              Floor dispenser 3000
              It is the diversity of visual gluing function that makes 3000 dispensing machine can also be used in many production links, such as chip filling, piezoelectric appliances gluing, electromagnetic oven gluing, automobile gluing, gluing and sealing, etc.

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